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Rigging - Service


All our riggers are professionals.

As specialists in skydiving equipment, our riggers have the appropriate licenses and the specific knowledge to do maintenance and repair work for all varieties of skydiving systems. All of our riggers are active skydivers, and some are also pilots. Therefore, their experience enables them to fully understand clients' needs. Of course, another important advantage is their qualified advice and assistance in choosing the appropriate skydiving equipment, whether it be for sport or pilot emergency systems. The rigging shop is available to you during opening hours. In order to have enough capacity for unanticipated workloads and to ensure a timely return of your gear, we kindly ask that you reserve dates in advance for your re-packing and maintenance work. As a client, you will automatically receive notification one month before expiration of your reserve re-pack.

Para Shop


In our Para Shop-Rigging, you will find answers to all your questions about skydiving equipment. Skydiving accessories from altimeters, helmets and tube-stows to various fashion items can be found in our shop. In our online shop "Para Centro Shop" you will be able to order and have these items sent to your home.

Our professional riggers will assist you with information about all types of skydiving gear or pilot emergency systems. Since we are official representatives of all the major skydiving equipment companies, we are qualified to help you choose the gear that is best for you. Our prices are reasonable and include all of the necessary services (i.e., assembly of the equipment and the first reserve pack job) In addition, we offer special conditions to our clients for maintenance and repair work. The Rigging shop is available to you during our opening hours.

Emergency Parachutes

As parachute specialists, we carry a wide variety of pilot emergency parachutes. You will certainly find an emergency system that fits in your aircraft from our range of equipment types and designs. We always have a choice of emergency systems in our shop that we are happy to show and explain to you. In addition to the well-known round canopies, there is now a new system on the market with a ram-air canopy - the AVIATOR. The idea behind the ram-air canopies is that all pilots can benefit from its advantages regardless of their experience with the round canopies.

Square Canopies

Safety from modern, ram-air canopies for pilot emergency systems.
The concept of extending all the advantages of modern, square canopies to pilot emergency systems was implemented in the AVIATOR.

Specifically, ram-air canopies have very fast and reliable openings. Statistically the opening safety of ram-air canopies is 20 times better than that of the round canopies. These 7-cell square canopies are available in 4 different sizes. Their landing speed is about 30% slower than a comparable round canopy. (An AVIATOR falls at 12.1 ft./sec. compared to a 28" C9 round canopy which falls at 18 ft/sec, given the same weight).
A primary criterion of this new gear is that any pilot can benefit from its advantages without additional training. The steering mechanism is constructed so that the pilot cannot get into dangerous flight situations or positions relative to the parachute.

Round Canopies

The traditional emergency system.
With the conventional system, you have a large choice of different container types which can be used in all possible aircrafts (from old-timers to modern gliders).

The different parachute companies offer several systems with different canopy sizes that are authorised for different pilots' body weights. Of course, additional options like Quick Ejectors (leg and chest harness strap connections that can be quickly opened even under tension), adjustable harness, monogramming, etc. are available.

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