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Do you have questions about skydiving at Para Centro – training – or equipment. We are happy to help you.

Fuel Surcharges

As of March, 2022, we have to adjust the prices of the jump tickets to the current situation. The price increment varies from week to week. The current fuel surcharge is CHF 1.-/per ticket (June 01. 2024)


For the first time at Para Centro ?

There is no registration fee at ara Centro Locarno, and not to much papers until you enjoy the unique Ticino in Freefall. You will need:

  • a compulsory third-party insurance, according to the Swiss Law you need a subject limit of at least CHF 1'000'000.-
  • your license, equivalent to a USPA –B- license
  • your log book
  • valid reserve pack

Once you filled your registration form on of our instructors will inform you about the special "Locarno” procedures and you are ready for your first skydive over Locarno. You could download the form and fill it in, print it and are ready to go as soon as you are at Locarno.

Please note
If you are a Skydiver but did not yet reach the level of the USPA –B- license, depending on the numbers of jumps you have, you will have to check in according the Swiss student requirement checklist. As a student you will have to use a CYPRES.




Our Drop-Zone is embedded in the CTR Locarno (controlled traffic region)

The coordination between all the air traffic within the Locarno airspace (skydivers, military-, civilian-, fixed wing aircraft and helicopter, search and rescue, gliders and others) is a challenging and demanding but feasable job.

On your first visit at our DZ we will brief you on the specifics and details regarding the “do’s and don’t” within our airspace as well as our jump-run procedure and landing pattern. If you fly a wingsuit you will have to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the Locarno Airspace in order to fly within the allocated sectors. In this page you will find some helpful information on that matter.

prices - events

All information about course dates as well as course and jump prices can be found in the current course calendar.

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