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Pilot emergency parachutes for sale

Inspection and repack

Emergency parachutes for pilots must be checked, depending on the manufacturer's specifications, usually annually. With over 1000 reserve repacks per year, are our riggers in the best shape for that. Pilot rescue systems, sport equipment, tandem systems, we make them all airworthy again.

New emergency systems

All our riggers are active skydivers and also some are pilots. Combine your wishes with the expertise of our riggers and we will find the perfect equipment for you.

As specialized dealers it is our philosophy to carry only selected brands and the best equipment. Para Centro has a close and long-standing cooperation with almost all well-known manufacturers of skydiving equipment.

To find the best solution and the right equipment for you and your needs, we recommend you to contact us.

Emergency Parachutes on stock PCL

We always try to have some standard emergency parachutes in stock. Please contact us to get the current details.


Your parachute or container have any damage? This is also no problem, in the end only the seam remains to be seen :)