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AFF basic course

After an introductory Tandem jump from 4000 metres, you will do your training jumps from the same altitude accompanied by experienced, specially trained skydiving instructors.

With the Accelerated Free Fall program (AFF), advanced skydiving technique is combined with the most modern equipment in order to do all training jumps directly in the "element."
The AFF program involves a thorough preparation of each jump. This gives you the capacity to immediately implement corrections in free fall as requested by your instructor. Each jump is followed by a debrief session where you will work with your instructor on correcting your movements during free fall and preparing for the jump ahead.
You will complete seven levels. During Levels One through Four, you will be assisted by two instructors. From Level Five to Level Seven, one instructor will accompany you in free fall. At Level Seven, the final level, you will prove that you can do the basic movements (e.g., rotation, somersaults) in free fall. Most important, you will demonstrate control and altitude awareness at all times.
The AFF course is held with a maximum of three participants per instructor in order to ensure the best training conditions.

Included in the course are:

  • 8 jumps (1 Tandem jump and 7 level jumps)
  • level 1 to 4 with two instructors
  • level 5 to 7 with one instructor
  • your equipment
  • packing course
  • textbook and log book
  • videos from all levels for the debriefing and for yourself
Price all-inclusive: CHF 3'585.–

Requirement for AFF Courses

  • minimum age 15 years
  • Participants under 18 years-old need written consent from their legal guardian(s)
  • maximum age 58 years (particular clarification possible)
  • weight max. 100 kg
  • accident insurance, you must have adequate insurance to cover injuries while skydiving.
  • track-suit, gym shoes
  • fitness test:
    -standing jumps: men and women=your own body length - 30 cm
    -500m run: women and men 2:30 Min